Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Prediction

I just stumbled on this very simple Brain Teaser and want to know what your answer would be. Give it your best shot.
Here it goes:

John and His friend Dave had a little debate about the a football match between Nigeria and South Africa. 

John predicted that before the match starts, the Score would be Nigeria 0: South Africa 0.
 Dave argued this scoreline and said it would Nigeria 2: South Africa 0.

They both watched the match together. The scoreline at the end of the match was Nigeria 2: South Africa 0.

Dave rejoiced that he won the bet, John argued that he was right with his own prediction. 

Did John lose or win the bet? why?


  1. Hahaha! Smart John! John won the bet because BEFORE the match started the score was indeed Nigeria 0: South Africa 0. It only became Nigeria 2 : South Africa 0 at the END of the match.

  2. Woow! Spot on. Tricky John. Used english win.